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An introduction to Trauma Informed Care, PIE and Strengths-based practice

1.5 days        £1,595 plus expenses            Max 20 people

Workshop 1. Trauma Informed Care                                                                     9.15-12.30

Definition, types and prevelance of psychological trauma

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and their impact on physical and mental health, relationships, emotions, and behaviour

The principles and practice of Trauma Informed Care (TIC)

Tools for understanding and working with trauma:                                             
-Protective factors  
-Cultural competence and sensitivity                                                         
-Toxic Stress
-The Amygdala hijack                                            
-Window of tolerance                                                                                             
-Safety planning

Workshop 2. Becoming PIE                                                                                    13.15-15.30

Self-care through group reflective practice

Definition and elements of a psychologically informed environment (PIE)

Why be PIE? How’s it different from what we already do?

Lessons learned from PIE organisations

Workshop 3. Strengths based practice                                                                  9.15-12.30

Definition, ethos, and impact of strengths-based practice (SBP)

Tips and tools for conversations and assessments

The power of language. Change your practice

Bringing it all together (TIC, PIE and SBP) identifying priority actions and next steps